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Professional Polish Voice Talent

Piotr Bajtlik

is a professional Polish actor 
and voice over talent
living and working in Warsaw, Poland. 
Providing voiceovers worldwide 
within 24-48 hours.


Education: 2005 - The Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw - Acting Department


He has been playing a wide variety of characters since 2005. It includes roles for the theatre, film, TV and several dozen voice roles.

Among his many voice roles there are many leading roles in Polish versions of Hollywood movies and TV series. He recorded dozens of network promotions, TV promos, film trailers, television advertisements and video game trailers.

He voiced TV commercials for companies such as: Disney, McDonald’s, IKEA, Seat, T-Mobile, Roca, Coca-Cola, and many more...

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Why Is It Important to Hire Local Voiceover Talent?

Local talent understands the market you want to approach. Hiring a Polish voice over actor for entry into Poland with your product also creates a relationship-building opportunity with your future customers.

People want to connect with their choices authentically. Everyone has their reasons for choosing specific movies, shows, or games. By offering local voice talent that creates items in their native language, you’re providing something of value.

Everyone has a voice. Not everyone can provide a voice in a professional way to the entertainment industry.


That is why it is essential that you hire a professional actor or actress with voice over training and experience if you want results.
Numerous professionals are trying to land the same jobs in the sphere of voiceover work today. Many of them present well on the initial first impression. In this line of work, however, you must dig deeper.




Narration, promotional videos, e-learning and other voice demos:


Polish Voice Over Talent for Movies and Commercials

Have you ever seen a voice over professional record something and then said to yourself, “I can do that?”

There is some truth to that sentiment. Numerous professionals in the global talent pool for voice over work had a similar thought once. Then they turned that thought into a profession which they love.

Recording voiceovers, however, entails more than a cheap microphone and a computer that can create and share audio files. You must be able to understand the mechanics of voice, situational dialogue, and the emotions of the moment to build a successful voiceover experience.

When working with movies, commercials, and television shows, the audio opportunities offered by Polish voice over talent creates a unique way to approach local audiences. Instead of relying on closed captioning translations alone, you’re able to connect with audiences naturally.


What You Should Ask Before Hiring
Voice Over Professional?


Professionals who work as a voice over artist must offer a wide range of vocal ability for your project to be successful. For some, they have specific training in acting to deliver the results you require. Others have a raw, natural talent which provides authenticity.

Then there are the voice over talents which have an ear for what must be accomplished.

A rare few have all three elements that they bring to each project.

If you are ever in doubt about the talent of a voiceover professional, then request a custom audition. Incorporate differing styles whenever possible with the request. Then have patience. Paid work will always come before potential opportunities.


The quality of the recording will either contribute to a professional product or detract from it. If you’re unsure of what the quality will be, then request a sample recording from the artist’s home studio (or preferred recording location) to understand the quality you’ll be receiving. Then look at the actual specifications for the environment used with the recording. Everyone uses a setup that is a little different. What you’re looking for is an artist who uses professional-grade equipment.

Nothing replicates real-world experience in the world of voiceover work. Whether you hire Polish voice over talent for your project or seek out someone in a specific industry, more experience often equates to a better job. Everyone gets started somewhere. You don’t receive experience until you’re working. If you want fast results for your project, however, it is a good idea to hire talent which has acting training, verified credentials, and familiarity with the work you want to be completed.

As an example, for Polish voice over work, I have provided voice roles for several leading characters in Polish versions of movies and television shows.

  • Branch in the movie Trolls,

  • Herb Overkill in the movie Minions,

  • Mordechai in the series Regular Show,

  • Pi Patel in the movie Life of Pi,

  • Leonardo in the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,

  • Emmet in the animated The Lego Movie,

  • Percy Jackson in the movie Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters,and many more...

I have also voiced the Polish localizations for video games such as:

Diablo III, Battlefield 4, and Medal of Honour IV.


It doesn’t take long to build up a list of reputable clients if you’re an excellent voiceover professional. When hiring the best voice over talent, looking at who has hired your preferred artist for past work will provide you with an idea of their skill. Nationally or internationally-recognized names are not going to work with subpar talent.

My clients include:

Disney, McDonald’s, IKEA, Seat, T-Mobile, Spotify, Roca, Coca-Cola,
and many more...

Deadlines can be a tricky business when dealing with voiceover needs. There’s a good chance that you have a hard deadline which must be met. The professional you hire must be able to meet that challenge.

Although it can be difficult to gauge what a final delivery will be like, you can evaluate the correspondence you have with the actor, actress, or artist. Take a look at their quoted rates to see if they meet industry standards. Have they asked about specific pronunciation concerns? Is there availability during your regular working hours?

When you first approach the voiceover industry, you’ll find that it is quite fragmented. There are several different genres, even within film and TV, that makes it seem like finding the best talent is an impossible task.

I firmly believe that there is a perfect professional available for every project. Many have approached me in the past because I have been that person when they’re looking for Polish voice over talent. I have also had clients decide otherwise.

If you’re looking to hire someone for a project you must keep each element mentioned here under consideration.

People always want to hire the best. They also want to hire someone who will provide an authentic, professional, and high-quality result.

There must be a balance present for a successful experience. That balance fuels knowledge and versatility.

Find those elements, and you’ll be one step closer to finalizing your project!

Here you can find more detailled info about my work in Poland:

Service Description

Piotr Bajtlik is responsive and accessible talent with professionally equipped home studio.
Fast turnaround time!

Comprehensive, professional voice over services provided by Piotr,
gets you a highly experienced voice over artist who has experience in producing a variety of services across the world.

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